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He makes all things beautiful

Christmas—probably the most beautiful time of the year. A time to celebrate the humble birth of Jesus, and with it, the hope, love, joy and peace He brings to this world. It’s a time to recollect the past events of the year. A time best spent with the ones you love most.

This year has had it’s share of wonderful moments and instances of despondence. If I had the chance to change anything about the past year, I wouldn’t. It’s only by taking a step back, that you start to fathom the perfect plan God intended for you. Our God is really one who’s full of surprises. He never fails to amaze me with the blessings He pours forth—always furnishing me with more than I expect. In times of despair, one must always possess hope—hope that all things will be made beautiful. Afterall, that’s what faith is—living without all the answers. And faith in God is also having faith in His timing. With some patience, you might just be given more than you initially anticipated.

This just could be the best year yet!

He makes all things beautiful, in His time.

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