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Thank You, God

The time of the year for making resolutions (and eventually breaking them), and awaiting what the brand new year might bring, has come again. Some wish to clinch a good job, others hope for better relationships with family and friends… the list goes on. Have we forgotten about the wishes and dreams we made last year that came true this year? Why are we so eager to ask for more, without stopping for a second, to thank the One who answered our prayers?

This year has been nothing short of miraculous for me. You might say I’m an optimist, and you’re probably right, but to me, everything is a blessing—even downfalls. Bluntly put, I’ve been given so much that even I feel that it might be a tad bit unfair. If everyone were to remember all the blessings in their life, no one would be complaining, and everyone would be more willing to give off of themselves to others without reservation.

On another note, helping out at Assisi has been an eye-opener. It’s a marvel to see how every patient there isn’t treated like a statistic, but a human being capable of experiencing joy and pain, frustration and sadness. It’s wonderful seeing how the nurses and volunteers remember personal details about each patient—what they like to drink, their temperaments, etc.—and interact with them accordingly. Every single one of them has a story to tell, and I thank God for giving me the chance to listen to them, and hopefully make a difference in their lives—even for half a day.

What better way to end the year with than to thank God for the people in my life, the experiences I’ve gone through, the relationships I’ve forged and all things material and immaterial He has bestowed me with.

Whether the new year will bring with it something to look forward to—or not—really depends on how you choose to put things into perspective—to turn defeat into triumph, to take failure as a lesson learnt and to count your blessings, every single one of them. With this, each new year can only be better, more wonderful than the previous.

Last year was delightful. This year was incredible. Next year will be sensational.

A blessed new year to all. May you find boundless joy and love. And amidst it all, find a little time for thanksgiving (:

Learn from your mistakes, celebrate your blessings.

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