My Heart Loves the View

It’s almost inconceivable that four years could whiz by in a flash. I recall the first day of school, seeing people wear the shirt with the question “Why am I in NTU?” printed on the front. Standing amidst unfamiliar faces, in an unfamiliar surrounding, it was precisely what I thought. The answer to the question was written at the back of their shirts: Because God put me here.

Four years on—I still live by it.

These four years have changed me—I’m probably not the same person I used to be. The winds and storms of life have weathered my soul, but it hasn’t quelled my enthusiasm for life. If anything, this hardy soul is brimming with energy, ready to embark on this adventure!

The year, thus far, has been extraordinarily momentous. I’ve been blessed with opportunities, experiences and people that have made an immense impact in my life. And for these, I’m eternally grateful.

P.S. This year, I’ve learnt that a smile can bring you so much (:

As I stand at ground zero—gazing back at my past, and admiring my future—my heart loves the view.

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One thought on “My Heart Loves the View

  1. Hey finally a post!! Congrats on ur soon-to-be graduation..dun think that you will hav problem wif tat despite having exams still..Graduation is a mountaintop where you can get a clear view of how far you’ve come. . . and a glimpse of the new path spread before you, so full of possibilities. Pause. . . reflect. . . and celebrate! I’m sure your life ahead will be great!! Keep in touch kay!!

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